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Free from gossip, speculation and breaking news, TheInsideLeft was set up as a place for us to publish the kind of football writing we love to read ourselves: exclusive interviews, comment and debate with the nostalgia laid on thick. We have no agenda, no specialist subject, no gimmicks at all. We cast the net wide for stories and if we think something is worth writing about, you’ll find it here.

With that remit, we are always on the lookout for quality content, so check out the ‘contact‘ page to find out how you can get involved.

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The Writers

Dominic Bliss
Tom Barnett
Max Bell
Matt Benson
Mark Biram
Alan Black
Peter Bourne
Tom Bourne
Sean Carroll
John Clarke
Chris Collins
Paul Conlon
Jason Corliss
Bryan Davies
Chris Deary
Robert Dillon
Sean Duffy
Dan Edwards
Rob Fielder
Vincent Forrester
Vadim Furmanov
Emanuele Giulianelli
Richard Godden
Matthew Gooding
Simon Harrison
Garry Hayes
John Hynes
Luke James
Michiel Jongsma
Nick Judd
Shaughan McGuigan
Rich Nelson
Dominic O’Key
Matthew Richards
Giancarlo Rinaldi
Ray Simpson
Luke Smalley
Barry Valder
Lorenzo Vicini
Tom Victor
Christoph Wagner
Layth Yousif


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