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Empty Promises: Depression In Football


It is now four-and-a-half years since Robert Enke tragically took his own life in autumn 2009, but despite calls at the time for a wider discussion about depression in sport, the subject very quickly slid off the agenda. Andreas Biermann’s suicide on Saturday shows that nothing has changed…

Andreas Biermann

The Kids Are Alright


Parents screaming from the sidelines have long been an unspoken problem in youth football, but one revolutionary kids’ coach in Germany has suggested three simple rules to combat the problem and his ideas have started to spark interested in the upper echelons of the game’s governing bodies…

Kids playing football

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised


Football is a money machine, you only have to at the figures produced each year by the top clubs in Europe and the rest of the world. But beyond the limelight of the top flight, the situation is very different, with many clubs under threat. In Germany, a group of supporters are campaigning against this trend…

Glotze Aus Stadion An

Bundesliga: The Eighties


The “Bundesliga 50″ series continues with the third part of our history of German football. After two strong decades, things couldn’t possibly get any better for German football fans in the Eighties, but they didn’t get much worse. However, a worrying trend for losing in major finals began to emerge…

The Bundesliga is in its 50th year in 2012-13 and the famous piece of silverware has been lifted by some famous names over the years (Peter Price)

Bundesliga: The Seventies


Part 2 of the “Bundesliga 50” anniversary series takes a look at the Seventies, arguably Germany’s most successful decade. Never before or since has Germany dominated the European football scene as it did between 1972 and 1980, but some scandalous revelations had to be shaken off first…

In typical pose, Franz Beckenbauer finds himself in plenty of space as Bayern Munich take on Stuttgart in 1970

Bundesliga: The Sixties


Kicking off in 1963, the Bundesliga was something of a late starter, but it didn’t take much time to catch up with the big boys. Now, with the league celebrating its 50th season and in rude health, TheInsideLeft takes a look back at the early triumphs its initiation heralded for German football…


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