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Patrick Barclay On Herbert Chapman


Herbert Chapman was one of the game’s great innovators – a man of principle who changed the face of football management and led clubs as different as Huddersfield Town and Arsenal to unparalleled success. We caught up with Patrick Barclay to find about his new biography of the master tactician…

The Life & Times of Herbert Chapman by Patrick Barclay jacket image

“Great Players Never Tell You What They Did”


Shortly before Scotland met England at Wembley this summer, one of the greatest players in the history of the rivalry passed away. Lawrie Reilly, Hibernian legend, will forever be remembered north of the border for his achievements on the pitch, but the humble hero never told the stories himself…

You Are My Arsenal, My Only Arsenal


Thirty years after a father first took a son to Highbury, a new generation of Gooner is now accustomed to the comfort of Ashburton Grove. But the message is still the same, “Thanks for bringing me, Dad”

The Art Deco East Stand

Marco van Basten: Prins van Oranje


The start of the infrequently aired second verse of the Netherlands national anthem runs: “I am a Prince of Orange, fearless, ever free”. They should think about using those lines more frequently, in honour of Marco van Basten, the man whose name has become synonymous with the perfectly struck volley…

Marco van Basten scored a hat-trick to dismiss England at Euro 88

Seattle vs Portland: The Great Northwest Derby


The MLS may be a relatively new league, but the passion of the Great Northwest Derby, between Seattle Sounders and Portland Timbers, runs deep. We take a look at a rivalry based on two distinct civic identities, with a hostility driven by subtle distinctions in principles and ethos…

Scenes in Portland as the Timbers take the lead over Seattle Sounders in the 2012 Cascadia Cup

Fritz Walter: The Hero of Berne


This is a story about a man who not only survived the Second World War, but who played the game of his life in order to save his life in a prisoner-of-war camp. Nine years after Fritz Walter’s ability had saved him from near-certain death in a Siberian gulag, he would go on to win the World Cup…

Fritz Walter


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