Four Four Jew


As the London Jewish Museum prepares to open the doors to its exhibition about the relationship between the British Jewish community and football, we speak to curator Jo Rosenthal about the striking stories and the collective cultural soul searching that we can expect from Four Four Jew…

(smaller hr) Selection of Jewish skullcap) crocheted with the logos of Arsenal, Celtic, Glasgow Rangers, Leyton Orient, Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur

Chicago Fire’s Magic Mike


Chicago Fire forward Mike Magee has been a regular on the MLS top scorer tables over the years, but the former team-mate of David Beckham and Robbie Keane has often slipped under the US national team radar. We spoke to him about life as a member of American soccer’s breakthrough generation…

Magee - USA Today 1

Shattered Dreams And Second Chances


After signing for his boyhood club as a teenage goalkeeping prodigy, Michael Stensgaard was in dreamland at Anfield, but a freak injury ended his Liverpool dream before he played a single game. This is a story of setbacks, comebacks and bad backs, but ultimately the will of a man who wouldn’t give up

Jonathan Wilson: Tactical Analysis Boom


When Jonathan Wilson released his history of football tactics, Inverting The Pyramid, he started something. Now, helped by the rise of Twitter and niche writing in general, tactical analysis is a more accessible part of the British football media than ever before. We asked Wilson about the boom…

Tactics Board 1

Kenny Millar: Football Manager Stole My Life


Last summer, three Football Manager obsessives decided to write a book about the game that has captivated a generation of football fans. We asked one of them how the idea for a book came about, what stories they uncovered and which players agreed to be interviewed about their virtual attributes…

Football Manager Stole My Life

Paine Proffitt: Football Art


Paine Proffitt’s artwork has graced the programme and fanzine covers of several British clubs, so you might be surprised to hear that the man behind these traditional images of the beautiful game is American. We took the opportunity to talk to him about the connection between football and art…

Under a Mackem Sky - Sunderland get the Paine Proffitt treatment

Danny Last: European Football Weekends


It doesn’t get much better than a long weekend with friends and  a far-flung football match thrown in and, through his cult website European Football Weekends, Danny Last managed to capture the essence of football tourism. We ask him about his travels, his site and how blogging has changed…

European Football Weekends badges

Zach Slaton: The Transfer Price Index


We ask the Forbes columnist and football infographic connoisseur about the differences between the MLS model and the European league system, whether we should really judge a manager’s performance based on the value of the squad at his disposal and what we can learn from graphs and wiggly lines…

Zach Slaton writes about soccer analytics for Forbes and

Simon Kuper: On Soccernomics


Be prepared to start viewing the game differently as the groundbreaking football writer and co-author of Soccernomics discusses the potential of analytics in football, the pitfalls of misusing data and the reasons why everybody has become so interested in reading about the financial side of the game…

FT Columnist Simon Kuper has a unique approach to football writing

Mexico vs USA: First-Generation Dilemma

The rivalry between Mexico and the USA doesn’t need much extra spice but, for the first generation Mexican-Americans living north of the border, there is a big decision to be made. Dominic Bliss spoke to US soccer fan and journalist, Luis Bueno, about a dilemma that involves much more than sport…

A shop in Chicago looks to draw in the Mexican crowd ahead of a previous game between the rival national teams


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