My Five

My Five: Back-Post Plunderers


Some footballers are blessed with good judgement and a huge leap. They arrive in the right place, at the right time, and pick the right defender to isolate. They are the last men in the world an opposition fan wants to see attacking the far stick from a deep cross. We pay tribute to the back-post plunderers…

My Five: Foreign Football League Stars of the Nineties


As the Premier League began to attract increasing numbers of overseas stars in the nineties, the lower leagues remained a largely uncosmopolitan environment, so when a Dutch international, a former Juventus winger and a trio of Spanish ‘amigos’ showed up it tended to grab our attention. We remember five of our favourite Football League foreigners from those heady days…

My Five: Unheralded English Left Feet


For all the national team’s woes when it came to solving the “left-sided problem”, the English actually boasted an enviable collection of educated left feet in the Nineties. Leaving aside the famous names, we take a look at five fan favourites of the Nineties and the wands they wielded on their left limbs…

My Five: Football on Film


Football and film have enjoyed a strange relationship. There have been some classics and more than a few travesties along the way, but Dominic O’Key has chosen his five top footballing motion pictures from around the world. We must warn you, however, that scene from Kes hasn’t made the cut…

Gregory's Girl

My Five: Palace Youth Products


Wilfried Zaha’s England call-up has once again turned the spotlight on the thriving academy at Crystal Palace, a youth set-up that has given debuts to 57 graduates since the mid-1990s alone. Under Simon Jordan and now CPFC2010, the academy has been placed at the heart of the club and the local community, while recent years have seen another gear shift in the quality of players produced under Gary Issott’s immaculate stewardship. Here, Bryan Davies takes a look at four of the best academy stars of recent times, and one player who could have been the best of the lot…

Wilfried Zaha by Tom Brogan (via Flickr)

John Harkes: My Top MLS Rookies Of 2012


As a pioneer in the movement of American soccer players to Europe during the Nineties, John Harkes enjoyed a fine career in England, winning the League Cup with Sheffield Wednesday in 1991. He also played for Derby County, West Ham United, DC United, Nottingham Forest and New England Revolution, before retiring at Columbus Crew in 2002. Now one of the leading voices on US soccer, he gives TheInsideLeft the low down on his top six rookies from the 2012 MLS season so far. Spoiled for choice, it didn’t take us long to break the numerical restrictions of the My Five series, but we hope you’ll forgive us as we find out why Harkes believes these Stateside prospects have what it takes to shine…

Raymon Gaddis has impressed John Harkes in his debut MLS season

My Five: Lille Exports


The transfer story of the summer so far has to be Chelsea’s capture of Eden Hazard from Lille, the club where the Belgian creator became a French League and Cup Double-winner in 2011, as well as a household name across Europe. But Hazard certainly isn’t the first star to have made his name in Lille and, as supporters said farewell to another inspirational talent, we turned to one of their number to select his five stand-out departing heroes from the club known to its friends as LOSC…


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