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Racing Club: The Long And Loyal Wait


After a desperate search for a ticket to the first Copa Argentina final, a 15-hour bus ride to San Juan, and a skinful of cheap alcohol, an English supporter of Racing Club was ready to see his once-great club end an 11-year wait for glory, yet the wait goes on for the country’s “most long-suffering fans”


You Are My Arsenal, My Only Arsenal


Thirty years after a father first took a son to Highbury, a new generation of Gooner is now accustomed to the comfort of Ashburton Grove. But the message is still the same, “Thanks for bringing me, Dad”

The Art Deco East Stand

Quakermakers: The Darlington Revival


After plunging into administration on three separate occasions and reaching the very brink of extinction, Darlington FC looked set to disappear off the footballing map. However, having been forced to start again from the Northern League, the Quakers are now finding their feet again as a fan-owned club…

Darlington fans on the pitch after the club faced Guisborough

Djurgården And Hammarby: A Moving Story


Two of Stockholm’s best-supported football clubs are moving on from their spiritual homes this summer. We take a look at the beloved old grounds that Hammarby and Djurgården are leaving behind, and the memories that will live on as they take up residence in a newly built stadium together…

Djurgardens flags at the legendary Stadion (Groundhopping Merseburg)

Penya Blaugrana London: Mes Que Un Pub


As Barcelona prepared to take on AC Milan in the Champions League Round of 16 earlier this season, we took a trip to the boat that houses the club’s official London supporters club. Armed with a camera and microphone, we discovered how they recreate the passion of the Camp Nou by Temple Pier…

Palace And The Play-Offs: A History


Ahead of tomorrow’s Championship Play-Off final, a lifelong Crystal Palace supporter looks back on the Eagles’ incredible relationship with the Play-Offs, the unforgettable games, the disappointments, the euphoria of success and the emotions thrown up by this increasingly intense end-of-season contest…

Wilfried Zaha by Tom Brogan (via Flickr)

The Unstoppable Rise Of Shakhtar Donetsk


Last weekend saw Ukraine’s biggest derby game end in yet another victory for the all-powerful Shakhtar Donetsk. Now, after years of unchallenged hegemony, one Dynamo Kyiv supporter asks how this great club has come to be living in Shakhtar’s shadow and when, if ever, they will reassert themselves…

The rest of Ukraine, including Dynamo Kyiv, has only been able to look on enviously at the rise and rise of Shakhtar Donetsk (jeep-people via Flickr)

Seattle vs Portland: The Great Northwest Derby


The MLS may be a relatively new league, but the passion of the Great Northwest Derby, between Seattle Sounders and Portland Timbers, runs deep. We take a look at a rivalry based on two distinct civic identities, with a hostility driven by subtle distinctions in principles and ethos…

Scenes in Portland as the Timbers take the lead over Seattle Sounders in the 2012 Cascadia Cup

Mexico vs USA: First-Generation Dilemma

The rivalry between Mexico and the USA doesn’t need much extra spice but, for the first generation Mexican-Americans living north of the border, there is a big decision to be made. Dominic Bliss spoke to US soccer fan and journalist, Luis Bueno, about a dilemma that involves much more than sport…

A shop in Chicago looks to draw in the Mexican crowd ahead of a previous game between the rival national teams

Ashton Fate: Supporting Bristol City


Hooked by the sights, the sounds, the smells during a snore draw with Huddersfield, it’s fair to say picking Bristol City on the back of a 0-0 at Ashton Gate was not the most glamorous beginning to a footballing love affair. But joyous pitch invasions and tear-stained defeats were just around the corner…

Young Robins supporters meet the Bristol City mascot at Ashton Gate


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