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Massimo Bonini: San Marino’s Champion


You might not know it but the San Marino national team once boasted a European champion in their midsts. Massimo Bonini won the lot as the metronome at the heart of Giovanni Trapattoni’s Juventus in the 1980s before becoming a Sammarinese hero when he captained and coached his homeland…

Rise Of The Independent Football Mag

Despite the proliferation of football websites and blogs over the past decade or two, there are still many who believe there is a place for the good old football magazine. We take a look at some of the independent British publications to have sprung up in recent times and ask what makes them special

Mag covers

Italy and the Cult of the Ageing Number 10


Last weekend was the 22nd anniversary of Francesco Totti’s debut for Roma and, at 38, he continues to produce the moments of magic that have made him not just a club legend but a cult hero for casual fans of Italian football. Yet he is not the only ageing playmaker thriving in the bel paese, far from it…

Off The Beaten Track: Polish Football Landscapes


Away from the big cities and the major leagues lie Poland’s forgotten football fields and during the off-season they are at their most beautiful. Neglected, they simultaneously blend in and jar with their surroundings, but come the end of the winter break, they will be ready for action once again…


Julian Speroni: Hands of God


The fans at Selhurst Park call him ‘Manos de Dios’, but it took a while before the safe hands of Julián Speroni were truly appreciated by the many Crystal Palace managers who have come and gone since the Argentinean arrived in south London over 10 years ago. Now he is a bona fide club legend…

Brian McBride: ‘Fulhamerica’


Ahead of the United States’ visit to Craven Cottage for tomorrow’s international friendly against Colombia, we spoke to legendary centre-forward Brian McBride about his time at Fulham, the continuing growth of the game in America and the heritage of his old west London stomping ground…

Searching for Erbstein


Ahead of the launch of my debut book, I began to reflect on the difficulties faced by a writer trying to uncover an untold story. The name Ernő Egri Erbstein means very little even to those of us who claim to know our football history, but the Hungarian Jew who built the Grande Torino was a key influence on the modern game. So why was his story forgotten for so many years?

Stood astride his Lucchese squad

A Certain Romance: Banstead Athletic And Me


As a teenager with dreams of becoming a sports writer, I answered an advert in the local paper to cover Banstead Athletic matches and my love of non-league football was born. Even amid the ugliness and emptiness of a local sports ground on a cold midweek evening, there is beauty to be found in our game

Margate v Banstead

Empty Promises: Depression In Football


It is now four-and-a-half years since Robert Enke tragically took his own life in autumn 2009, but despite calls at the time for a wider discussion about depression in sport, the subject very quickly slid off the agenda. Andreas Biermann’s suicide on Saturday shows that nothing has changed…

Andreas Biermann

A World Cup Covers Album


The World Cup is a cause of great agonising in publishing offices around the world as the editorial teams of football magazines sit down and figure out how to make their cover stand out from all the others looking to depict the tournament in unique and original ways. We looked at some of this year’s finest World Cup covers with the help of the people who designed, illustrated and commissioned them…

Covers Collage


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