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  • The Win That Healed Irish Football


    Thursday’s momentous victory over Germany at Lansdowne Road was not only Ireland’s first victory over a higher-ranked team since 2007, it was also the night that Irish football rediscovered its identity after years of indecisiveness, and Roy Keane has been at the centre of events throughout…

  • Willi Steffen: English Football’s First Swiss Import


    As England prepare to host Switzerland in a Euro 2016 qualifier tonight, we remember Willi Steffen, the fighter pilot from Bern who became the first Swiss footballer to play in England when he joined Chelsea in May 1946 and left six months later with a black eye and a famous new friend…

    Willi Steffen
    Image: Press Association Images

  • Massimo Bonini: San Marino’s Champion


    You might not know it but the San Marino national team once boasted a European champion in their midsts. Massimo Bonini won the lot as the metronome at the heart of Giovanni Trapattoni’s Juventus in the 1980s before becoming a Sammarinese hero when he captained and coached his homeland…

  • Rise Of The Independent Football Mag

    Despite the proliferation of football websites and blogs over the past decade or two, there are still many who believe there is a place for the good old football magazine. We take a look at some of the independent British publications to have sprung up in recent times and ask what makes them special

    Mag covers

  • Italy and the Cult of the Ageing Number 10


    Last weekend was the 22nd anniversary of Francesco Totti’s debut for Roma and, at 38, he continues to produce the moments of magic that have made him not just a club legend but a cult hero for casual fans of Italian football. Yet he is not the only ageing playmaker thriving in the bel paese, far from it…


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