Together For The Goal


Japanese fan culture is an organised passion and being a core supporter of a J.League club involves dedication, love and loyalty. Last year, two amateur English film makers and a local ex-pat journalist were invited to follow Montedio Yamagata fan Syu Oba and discover what his club means to him…

This documentary was filmed by Nick Goulds (@realnickyg), edited by Matt Homer (@mattjhomer), narrated by Syu Oba (@syu0724) and subtitled by Sean Carroll (@seankyaroru).
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4 thoughts on “Together For The Goal

  1. It is great work for Japanese football culture. As Japanese, we are not good at transmission of information by English, so this film is precious. Thanks a lot for the creators of this film.

  2. Matt Homer says:

    Thank you Footie Activist. We wanted to create something that offered an authentic perspective on football and fandom in Japan. Really pleased that you enjoyed it.

    Kind regards,

    Matt Homer.

  3. Wada osamu says:

    Thank you for uproading such a nice domumentary andcoming to Yamagata. I’ m a fan of montedio living in Yamagata.
    I’d be happy if a lot of people in the world would see this video and be interested in football in Japan.

    • Matt Homer says:

      Thank you Wada for your kind words. It is brilliant that fans from Montedio enjoyed the film. Hopefully we can do more films in the future :) M@

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